Thursday, February 4, 2010

'Flaboo! Lite' Now Available on the App Store

By the time you read this, Flaboo! Lite will be available on the App Store.

For those of you with the full version, this will mean naught. You already have the best version. Stop looking for greener grass on my side of the fence. I have a gun, and there's only grass over here. Move along. Wait a moment - actually, Flaboo! Achievements will be available soon, at which point the grass analogy fails more embarrassingly than a british bobsleigher's gusset.


Anyway... for those of you reading this who do not already have Flaboo!... um... well... what can I say?



Welcome to Fluttermind.

Nice to meet you.

You must be lost. Are you? Thought so.

Perhaps you were looking for a humorous 'fart' application, or the well-observed simulation of a pint glass, or - if I may be so risque - you sought a full screen depiction of mammary glands? If it is this last, I must say it seems bafflingly redundant considering you're reading this on the internet. The internet = Pornucopia. But I'm not one to judge. Dear me, no.

All I know for certain about you is that you are visiting the little-read blog of a game developer whose work you dont like enough to spend money on. That's fine. It's your right not to buy as part of a civilised free market economy. Without that, where would we be? Eh? Yes, that's right. Norfolk.

No, you go right ahead and read on. Make yourself comfy. Or better still, go and download Flaboo! Lite. It's free. Yes, that's right. 'Free', just like some of the beer, boobies and farts you were looking for. But better.

Go on. Download it. You know you want to! Quick! Before it's too late! Get it before all the 'Free' leaks out!