Friday, November 27, 2009

Music and Up, Up and Away!

I went through three musical revisions on this project. I feel a little like Goldilocks.

First effort (rough and unfinished) was this. Feedback was that it was a little too cold. See - porridge analogy? No? Never mind. Consider this a similie free zone. After spending over a day coming up with various ways of microwa... (no metaphors either) 'humanising' it a bit, I decided to try again with something completely different. Something delicate, moving, and... stringy?

As a result, my second effort was this. I composed the strings on - believe it or not - an alto glockenspiel. I think it's musically successful, but seriously depressing in a 'This Mortal Coil' way.

Also, as I really have no ability whatsoever with drums, I used a Tenori-On to come up with a glitch beat, but the result was... um... variable. No, that's too polite.

Dear God.

The drums.

They sounded great in my little studio/office, but if you play it on anything like an iPhone or iPod speaker...



As a result, I decided to go with this piece I composed a while ago. I think it fits and hopefully will neither aggravate nor detract from the playing experience. Mayhap it'll even enhance the mood for people playing on headphones.

To the App Store we go!

As of the 26th of November, 2009, Flaboo was sent off to the Apple App Store approval folks. Hopefully they'll be kind to this fat yellow chick and allow him to be released into the wild where he belongs.

Wish us both luck, and keep a look out for this little icon at an App Store near you.


  1. Bery happy news. Just a couple of weeks ago I bought Tak's Game in the AppStore, now I'm looking forward to buying yours.

  2. Hey congrats Dene! FAT BIRDS!